George Bittner

Bittner, George
Professor in Neuroscience



Main Office: PAT 321
Phone: 512-923-3735

Alternate Office: PAT 315
Phone: 512-471-6971

Mailing Address:
The University of Texas at Austin
Section of Neurobiolgy
1 University Station C0920
Austin, TX 78712-1095

Research Summary:

We research cellular/molecular mechanisms of plasmalemmal repair and nerve regeneration. That is, we examine various biophysical, biochemical, or molecular mechanisms by which lesioned neurons repair lesions to their plasmalemma and regenerate axons. We are particularly interested in the role of calcium and axonal proteins in plasmalemmal repair and how such plasmlemmal repair relates to axonal regeneration. we are also interested in how polyethylene glycol (PEG) can be used to repair severed axons so that axonal continuity and function can be permanently repaired within minutes after applying PEG to rejoin severed axons. We also explore and define biochemical pathways by which neurons repair plasmalemmal damage.

2012Zuzek A, Fan JD, Spaeth CS, Bittner GD, Sealing of transected neurites of rat B104 cells requires a diacylglycerol PKC-dependent pathway and a PKA-dependent pathway, Cell Molecular NeuroscienceIn Press.
2012Sexton,K.W., Pollins,A.C., Cardwell. A.L., Del Corral, G.A., Bittner, G.D., Shack,R.B., Nanney. L.B. Thayer, W.P. , Hydrophilic polymers enhance early funtional outcomes after nerve autografting. , J. Surgical Res.In Press.
2012Bittner, GD C.P. Keating, J. R. Kane , J.M. Britt, C. S. Spaeth, J. D. Fan, A. Zuzek R. W. Wilcott, W. P. Thayer, J.M. Winograd, F. Gonzalez-Lima and T. Schallert, Rapid, effective and long-lasting behavioral recovery produced by microsutures, methylene blue and polyethylene glycol after complete cut of rat sciatic nerves., J Neurosci Res. 90.:967-980.
2012Spaeth CS, Robison TR, Fan, JD, Bittner GD, Cellular mechanisms of plasmalemmal sealing and axonal repair by polyethylene glycol and methylene blue., J. Neurosci Res. 90:955-966.
2012Spaeth CS, Boydston EA, Wilcott RW, Fan JD, Robison T, Bittner,GD, Pathways for plasmalemmal repair mediated by PKA, Epac and cytosolic oxidation in rat B104 cells in vitro and rat sciatic axons ex vivo., Devel NeurolIn press.
2012Spaeth CS, Fan, GD, Spaeth EB, Robison T, Wilcott RW, Bittner GD, Neurite transection produces cytosolic oxidation which enhances plasmalemmal repair., J Neurosci Res. 90:945-954.
2011Yang, C.Z,, Yaniger, S.I., Jordan, V.C., Klein, D., Bittner, G.D., Environmental Health Perspectives, Most Plastic Products Release Estrogenic Chemicals: A Potential Health Problem That Can Be Solved. 119:898-996..
2010Spaeth, C.S., Boydston, E.A., Figard, L. A., Zuzek, A. & Bittner, G.D., A model for sealing plasmalemmal damage in neurons and other eukaryotic cells., J. Neurosci 30:15790-15800.
2010Britt, J.M., Kane, J.R., Spaeth, C.S., Zuzek, A.,Robinson, G.L., Gbanaglo, M.Y., Estler, C.J., Boydston, E.A., Schallert, T and Bittner, G.D. , Polyethylene glycol rapidly restores axonal integrity and improves the rate of motor behavior recovery after sciatic nerve crush injury., J Neurophysiol 104:695-703.

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