The Walter J. Burdette Distiguished Lecture Series proudly presents:

2011 Nobel Laureate

Dr. Bruce Beutler

"The Forward Genetic Approach to Immunity in Mammals."

April 17th, 2014 at 1:30pm

Student Activty Center

SAC 1.402

  • ICMB Seminar: April May 1st, 2014; Dr. Bill Jacobs
  • ICMB Seminar: May 8th, 2014; Dr. James P. Allison
  • Fundamental research into the basic processes of living cells and tissues is crucial to future advances in medicine and biotechnology. Indeed, in few fields of study are basic discovery and practical applications so closely intertwined. In 1993 The University established the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology to focus efforts on the revolutionary developments occurring in molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, and genomics. The objectives of the ICMB are:

    • to build a world-class multidisciplinary research and teaching center in cellular and molecular biology
    • to focus basic research efforts on molecular genetics and molecular biology problems that will advance our understanding of disease processes and methods for therapy or cure
    • to build a multidisciplinary center of excellence for biotechnology.

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