Burdette Distinguished Lecture Series

Dr. Wlater J. Burdette
Dr. Walter Burdette

The annual Burdette Distinguished Lecture in Molecular Genetics is made possible by the continuing generosity of Walter J. Burdette, M.D., Ph.D., through his endowment to the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Dr. Burdette (1915-2006), was distinguished surgeon, clinician and researcher, completed his B.A.. at Baylor University in 1935; in 1936 and 1938, respectively, Dr. Burdette earned Masters and Doctoral degrees at the University of Texas at Austin; in 1942, Dr. Burdette completed studies for a medical degree from Yale University. Until his retirement, Dr. Burdette practiced cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. He participated in the Surgeon General's 1964 report that made the connection between smoking and cancer/cardiovasculor diseases. During his career, he was a researcher, a professor of surgery and an author, with more than 200 published books and articles to his credit. His most recent book, The Basis for Gene Therapy, was published in 2001.

Established in 1999, the Walter J. Burdette Distinguished Lecture Series continues the tradition of genetic research in which Dr. Burdette himself participated and to which he made meaningful contributions. The previous distinguished lecturers, include  several Nobel Laureates and Howard Hughes Investigators: Dr. Roger Tsiene, Dr. David Baltimore, Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Joan Steitz, Dr. Robert Weinberg, Dr. Eric Weischaus, Dr. Gerald Rubin, Dr. Patrick Brown, and Dr. Andrew McMahon.

2013 Burdette Lecture

"Implications of Telomere Maintenance in Aging-related Processes"

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn

2009 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

April 4, 2013

at the Student Activity Center Auditorium, SAC 1.402

2:00 PM

Hosts: Adrian Keatinge-Clay, & Lauren Ehrlich

  2013 Live Webcast

Burdette2008 Dr. David Baltimore Dr. Joan A. Steitz Dr. Eric F. Weischaus
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