Janice Fischer

Fischer, Janice
Professor in Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology

E-mail: janicefischer@austin.utexas.edu

Main Office: MBB 1.312AA
Phone: 471-5831

Alternate Office: MBB 1.312A & B
Phone: 471-2826

Mailing Address:
The University of Texas at Austin - ICMB
1 University Station A4800
2500 Speedway
Austin, TX 78712-1095

Post Doc Students:

  • Patterson, Kristin

  • Research Summary:
       My laboratory uses Drosophila genetics and molecular biology to study universal mechanisms of development. We do most of our experiments with the Drosophila compound eye. Patterning of the Drosophila compound eye involves nearly every known cell signaling pathway and the eye affords many experimental advantages. We are studying how the Notch signaling pathway is regulated by membrane trafficking and ubiquitination.
    Research Images:

    Janice Fischer

    Drosophila Tel2 is expressed as a translational fusion with EpsinR and is a regulator of wingless signaling. (2012) PLoS ONE 7(9), e46357.
    Ral inhibits ligand-independent Notch signaling in Drosophila. (2012) Small GTPases 3(3), 186-191.
    Drosophila Epsin's role in Notch ligand cells requires three Epsin protein functions: the lipid binding function of the ENTH domain, a single Ubiquitin interaction motif, and a subset of the C-terminal protein binding modules. (2012) Developmental Biology 363(2), 399-412.
    Notch ligand ubiquitylation: what is it good for? (2011) Developmental Cell 21, 134-144.
    The Functions of Auxilin and Rab11 in Drosophila Suggest that the Fundamental Role of Ligand Endocytosis in Notch Signaling Cells is Not Recycling. (2011) PLoS ONE 6(3), e18259.
    Ral GTPase promotes asymmetric Notch activation in response to Frizzled/PCP signaling by repressing ligand-independent receptor activation. (2011) Development 138, 1349-1359.
    Drosophila liquid facets-Related encodes Golgi epsin and is an essential gene required for cell proliferation, growth, and patterning. (2009) Developmental Biology 331, 1-13.
    A Drosophila model for Angelman syndrome (2008) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 105, 12399-12404.
    Auxilin is essential for Delta signaling (2008) Development 135, 1089-1095.
    Identification of genes that interact with Drosophila liquid facets (2007) Genetics 175, 1163-1174.
    Endocytosis, endosome trafficking and the regulation of Drosophila development (2006) Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology 22, 181-206.
    Fat facets and Liquid facets promote Delta endocytosis and Delta signaling in the signaling cells (2004) Development 131, 5355-5366.
    Either part of a Drosophila epsin (Liquid facets) protein, divided after the ENTH domain, functions in the internalization of Delta in the developing eye (2003) Current Biology 13, 854-860.
    A specific protein substrate for a deubiquitinating enzyme: Liquid facets is the substrate of Faf facets (2002) Genes and Development 16, 289-294.

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