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Carla Vandenberg
Associate Professor

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My lab has had a long-standing interest in JNKs (c-Jun N-terminal Kinases), kinases traditionally characterized as a pro-apoptotic enzyme and necessary for many therapeutic drugs to induce cell death. Recent s...Carla Vandenberg

Karen M. Vasquez
Fellow of Coulter R. Sublett Chair in Pharmacy
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Our research efforts are focused in three general areas within an overall theme of genome instability, DNA damage and mechanisms of repair. A unique feature of our approach is an emphasis on the role of DNA str...Karen M. Vasquez

Steven Vokes
Assistant Professor in Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology

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We are interested in understanding how cells integrate information in a way that directs them to make appropriate decisions. Our research specifically focuses on understanding how cells respond to secreted Hedg...Steven Vokes

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