Kimberly Raab-Graham

Raab-Graham, Kimberly
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience



Main Office: NHB 3.344
Phone: 512-232-0892

Alternate Office: NHB 3.320
Phone: 512-232-8152

Mailing Address:
University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station C7000
NMS 4.104
Austin, TX 78712-0805

Research Lab Students:
    Graduate Student
  • Sosanya , Natasha - Graduate Student
  • Workman, Emily - Graduate Student
    Post Doctoral
  • Cacheaux, Luisa - Post Doctoral
  • Huang, Peggy - Post Doctoral
  • Niere, Farr - Post Doctoral
  • Garza, Michael - Staff

  • Research Summary:

    My current research has focused on identifying synaptic mRNAs and developing tools to characterize the local translation of these transcripts. I now plan to use these tools to address the questions of what mRNAs are locally translated in response to neuronal activity, what are the signaling pathways that are necessary and sufficient for local translation and local insertion into the membrane, and finally how mRNAs are targeted to the appropriate subcellular location. Since information processing by a neuron is dependent on the number and distribution of ion channels and receptors on the plasma membrane, it is of great interest to identify the molecular mechanisms that alter the current density or affect the targeting of a protein. These experiments will yield insight into the normal and/or dysfunctional communication within neuronal networks in the brain.

    2010Raab-Graham, K.F., Posttranscriptional Regulation of Intrinsic Plasticity, SFN Short course syllabus view.
    2006Raab-Graham, K.F.*, Haddick, P. C. G.*, Jan, Y. N., Jan, L. Y. , Activity- and mTOR-dependent suppression of Kv1.1 channel mRNA translation in dendrites., Science 314:144-148.
    2004Lin, Y.F., Raab-Graham, K.F., Jan Y. N., Jan, L.Y., NO stimulation of ATP-sensitive potassium channels: Involvement of Ras/mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway and contribution to neuroprotection., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 101:7799-804.
    2002Ma, D., Zerangue, N., Raab-Graham, K., Fried, S.R., Jan, Y.N., and Jan, L.Y. , Diverse Trafficking Patterns due to Multiple Traffic Motifs in G Protein-Activated Inwardly Rectifying Potassium Channels from Brain and Heart. , Neuron 33:715-729.
    1999Raab-Graham, K. F., Cirilo, L. J., Boettcher, A. A., Radeke, C. M. and Vandenberg, C. A. , Membrane Topology of the Amino-terminal Region of the Sulfonylurea , Journal of Biological Chemistry 274: 29122 - 29129.

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