Mona Mehdy

Mehdy, Mona
Associate Professor in Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology


Main Office: PAI 2.32
Phone: 471-5806

Alternate Office: PAI 2.38
Phone: 471-5806

Mailing Address:
The University of Texas at Austin - ICMB
1 University Station A6700
103 E. 24th St.
Austin, TX 78712-1095

Research Lab Students:
    Graduate Student
  • Das, Songhita - Graduate Student
  • Sabharwal, Tanya - Graduate Student
  • Weeraratne, Tharindu - Graduate Student
    Post Doctoral
  • Liu, Chenggang - Post Doctoral

  • Research Summary:

    In response to pathogens and herbivores, plants employ up-regulation and down-regulation of diverse genes to achieve resistance. Research in my lab centers on two areas: 1) molecular mechanisms of down-regulation of gene expression during the plant defense response and its biological significance; 2) understanding the functions of specific defense-down-regulated genes during normal growth and development. We are especially focused on analyzing signaling pathways linking pathogen recognition and mRNA degradation. The mRNA for a bean cell wall protein, PvPRP1, is rapidly degraded during the defense response. The PvPRP1 protein fails to undergo a cross-linking reaction characteristic of disease resistance, hence providing a biological rationale for its down-regulation. The upstream signaling pathway and the physiological advantage accrued by mRNA down-regulation are being investigated in transgenic Arabidopsis. In contrast, a related Arabidopsis cell wall protein gene, AGP31,exhibits transcriptional down-regulation to a defense signaling molecule, jasmonic acid. AGP31 mutant plants exhibit an unusual developmental change and we are interested to understand this linkage. A third research area involves the use of algae for biofuels. Our lab is examining the effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on a model algal species, the diatom Phaseodactylum tricornatum, at the molecular level.

    2007Liu, C, and Mehdy, M.C., A non-classical arabinogalactan-protein gene highly expressed in vascular tissues, AGP31, is transcriptionally repressed by methyl jasmonic acid in Arabidopsis, Plant Physiology 145:863-874.
    1998Lambais, M.R. and Mehdy, M.C., Spatial distribution of chitinases and 1,3-glucanase transcripts in bean arbuscular mycorrhizal roots under low and high soil phosphate conditions., New Phytologist 140:33-42 view.
    1996 Mehdy, M.C., Sharma, .K., Sathasivan, K., Bays, N.W. , The role of activated oxygen species in plant disease resistance. , Physiol. Plantarum 98:365-374 view.
    1994S. Zhang and M. Mehdy, Binding of a 50-kD protein to a U-rich sequence in a MRNA encoding a proline-rich protein that is destabilized by fungal elicitor. , Plant Cell 6:135-145 view.

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